Baking kits for kids,
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Sift. Mix. Fold. Whisk. Beat. Bake. Create.

Hey Baker! delivers baking kits for kids so families can bake together more easily. Everything is pre-measured and ready to go!

How it works

Deliciousness, delivered

1. Order

Order a Hey Baker! baking kit today. Choose a one-off kit or subscription.

2. Receive

We deliver a new box every month Australia-wide.

3. Easy baking

Get your little ones ready for a bakin’ good time.

4. Yummy treats

The best bit. Eat the spoils of your baking.

(Example Hey Baker box – contents varies)

What’s inside the box?

The happiest bake on earth

Each monthly Hey Baker! subscription box comes ready to go with the following:

  • 1 or 3 fun recipes to try (you select how many recipes when subscribing)
  • kid-friendly, step by step instructions
  • dry ingredients for each recipe, measured and bagged

You’ll need some basic staples like milk, butter and eggs (or substitutes), and we’ll let you know ahead of time if there’s anything else to include in your shop.

See an example recipe

What are you baking for?

Bake better


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Frequently asked questions

I like to bake it bake it

What is Hey Baker!?

Hey Baker! is a new way to bake with your kids. We provide subscription boxes filled with recipes and pre-measured ingredients to have an awesome time and make delicious treats. We also offer one-off boxes.

We know baking with kids can be challenging, but it can be such an awesome time for everyone, that we want to make it as easy as possible. Baking should be fun and delicious, so we came up with Hey Baker! to take the stress out of the process.

What’s inside a Hey Baker! box?

Each Hey Baker! subscription box contains all the dry ingredients you need to make three included recipes. We list out everything you need from your fridge (or the supermarket), and if there are any particular utensils or gadgets you might need (but we like to limit it to stuff most home cooks would have).

Our one-off boxes vary, so check out their listings on the shop page.

Where and how do you ship?

We ship Australia-wide. Depending on where you live, we’ll either ship by courier using Sendle or via Australia Post.

Can I give Hey Baker! as a gift?

Absolutely! If it’s a one-off box, you can just change the address to your recipient’s mailing address.

If you’re looking to give an ongoing subscription, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Why choose Hey Baker?

Bake it your way


All our recipes can be made by novice or expert bakers, and designed for kids to get involved. We’ll guide you, but mostly you just need to mix.

Real ingredients

Our ingredient lists include things like flour and baking powder – stuff that you’d happily buy yourself from the supermarket.


Hey Baker! makes things easier, but it’s still all you. So take the credit for what you bake. It’s deliciously homemade.

That’s all great, but what do people think?

Well, they bakin’ love it

This tastes like an Anzac and it has chocolate in it … Really yummy!

– James (5 years)

It was incredibly helpful having the packs ready in the cupboard to help entertain the kids on a rainy day when I hadn’t thought that far ahead. It really helped having everything measured. So easy! And delicious!

– Andrea (mum of three)

We had a lot of fun with it. Such a great idea – particularly in these times of COVID.

– Chris (dad of a toddler)

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