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Hey Baker! is an opportunity for me to share my love of homemade in the kitchen with the exclusive Hey Baker community.
I’ve always loved baking and I have fond memories of my mum baking when I was young. I remember back to when I made my first cake all by myself in primary school – a pineapple upside down cake!! I was so pleased with myself.

I love sharing my passion for baking with my kids who both can’t wait to get involved in the kitchen, especially when there is a beater to lick clean. When life has gotten busy, I have tried packet mixes but found whilst they made for an easier cooking session, they seemed to taste a poor substitute for homemade.

Choosing simpler recipes and pre-measuring ingredients can make things infinitely more fun and delicious. This is where Hey Baker! helps – it can be something every time-poor mum and dad can have ready to go in the pantry for a rainy day.
All our ingredients are ‘real’ and locally sourced, and all of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable for minimal impact on the planet.

Hey Baker! is a convenient way to experience real home baking, oh and did I mention delicious too? I hope you enjoy it as much as I love making it and sharing it with you all.
Nerissa – Baker-in-chief xx

Real ingredients

Real taste

We thought about the best way to ensure everything that goes into and comes out of a Hey Baker! box is utterly delicious and as healthy as baking can be. We thought about fully organic, or cutting out sugar. We looked at whether we could completely cut out preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. What about vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free?

In the end, we wanted maximum deliciousness, which really just means using real ingredients. We’ll use organic where we can, minimise refined sugar when it makes sense, and provide recipes that can be altered to a range of dietary requirements. We absolutely want to know if there’s more we can do to make Hey Baker! a better option for your family, so give us a shout.

Eco-friendly packaging

Plastic sucks

There are enough environmental impacts from having kids, so we didn’t want to add more to the mix. From the get-go, we needed to ensure that Hey Baker! wasn’t going to fill people’s pantries and bins with plastic.

Thankfully, we found recyclable options (paper and cardboard) and compostable (cellophane) that mean that everything we ship is biodegradable and won’t pollute the planet.

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