Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes! We’ve designed Hey Baker! to have as little environmental impact as possible. It was the first hurdle when we first had the idea – we didn’t want to be sending plastic bags for small amounts of ingredients.

All Hey Baker! ingredients come packaged in cellophane bags. This looks and feels like plastic, but is made entirely from plant material. The bags are compostible in your home compost, or can be thrown in the trash. That’s still better than plastic, though, because they will biodegrade in landfill far quicker than plastic would.

For ensuring everything arrives safely, we also use paper wrapping around the ingredients, and it is all sent in a cardboard box. These are both recyclable.

Finally, we sometimes need to ship in satchels. One of our shipping partners (Sendle) has 100% biodegradable satchels that we use if possible. Unfortunately, Australia Post’s satchels are made from plastic, but make it far more economical to send smaller parcels to regional Australia – particularly our single recipe boxes.

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